Monday, June 29, 2009

out smarting a flower pot?

K, this is the plan:

I bought large decorative resin pots with
no drainage holes and some plain pots with drainage holes. (1st pic) In the large decor
pot I put 2-4" of rocks and fill with water just to the top of the rocks The depth of the rocks depends on how high the plain pot needs to sit to be to the edge of the decor pot. I, then, plant the flowers in potting soil into the plain pot and sit the plain pot atop of the rocks inside the decorator pot

In this picture to the right (3rd pic), the inside plain pot was a bit high and you could see it. So, i used some peat moss to hide it.

The theory is to create a kind of "self-watering" potted plant. This way I can water a lot less often. The reservoir of water waiting at the bottom of the decorative pot will be sucked up as the plain pot becomes dry. This works quite well for the potted plants I have indoors. Here's to keeping my fingers crossed that it will work as well on the outside plants!

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