Thursday, July 2, 2009

out smarting a flower pot? ......part 2

After 4 days this is what I have learned:

Rocks must be deep enough to hold a fair amount of water. Meaning that, depending on your area of the world (dry or humid; really hot or not so hot) and where the pot sits (if it gets lots of sun all day or only morning sun), you might need more or less of a water reservoir. A little individual experimenting would have to take place.

Some preplanted pots come in a cardboard type containers.....not sure the reasoning for this. But, these kind don't work as well to put in the larger decor-pot. They either seem to soak up too much water or they dry out too fast. I think that I will replant these as soon as I can into a plastic pot and then put back into the decor-pot.

With the larger, more irregular the rocks, there seems to be more space in between for water. If the rocks fit more tightly together, then, not as much water can be in the reservoir.

Soil differs in different pots that were purchased at different stores. Some of the prepotted soils didn't hold as much water and some held more. So, for the long term of summer, i might want to re-pot the ones that drain too easily.

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