Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the bull's eye

I sure didn't hit the Bull's eye with my measuring!!!

This is a quilt top that is about 10 years old. I put the dark blue borders on today. It is made all of flannels. The pattern/directions are in a quilt book called "Quilts from Aunt Amy" I think it is still available thru Amazon.com. The edges of the circles will have frayed edges as it gets washed. In the first picture above, you can see that the backing that i sewed is WAY too long. Sheeee-ta-keee!! (of course, i am referring to mushrooms - not). I measured several times. Yeah, i know, maybe i should've measured AGAIN. But, it would be worse to be short, right? Needless-to-say, i will be taking that piece off.

Below you can see that i "had" to add a piece to the side border of the backing. "Why?", you ask.
"Well", I reply, ".........it MIGHT have been too short". It adds character! right? I don't think that Quilting is an exact science. So, if that theory is true, then, the math when quilting doesn't have to be exact either - as long as it is over estimating. (rule according to grannie)

If you click on the pic just above, it might enlarge. Then you'll be able to see the words on the blue fabric are patriotic phrases like "Justice for all" and "United We stand", God Bless America", etc. I probably won't put batting in the quilt "sandwich". It might get too thick with the top being layers of flannel and the backing flannel too. The plan (as of right now) is to hand quilt in the middle of the first circle and outside of the second one. This way it will be free to fray. The binding is going to be a half inch finished deep red. But, plans can sometimes take me weeks to make definite.

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