Saturday, August 8, 2009

This last Thursday we visited Blue Moon Ranch in Kamas, Utah. The lady in the left of this first photo is Linda and she owns the Alpacas at Blue Moon Ranch. Alpacas are special animals An adult is about 36" tall and weighs between 100 and 200 lbs. Their fiber/fur is as soft as cashmere and can be spun into yarn to make clothing. It is warmer yet lighter than wool and is a very strong fiber too.
(sorry this is blurry). In the background on the left side of Mason is a very young almost black Alpaca named........Mason.
This is the barn where the Alpacas come to eat and take shelter from the weather. They are quite smart and very curious. If you try to go up to them, they tend to run away. But, if you stand still, they get curious and want to come and see who and what you are.

This left picture is Milo "talking" to and petting one of the two Great Pyrenees that reside on the farm with the main purpose of guarding the Alpacas. Alpacas are completely defenseless. They are not aggressive. They do not have claws or hoofs to beat with and their teeth are small. So they are easy prey for many kinds of animals.
We want to thank Linda the owner of Blue Moon Ranch She was sooo VERY patient with us all as we walked around the farm and enjoyed watching the Alpacas. She also invited us into her beautiful log home and shared some of her handspun Alpaca fiber. She sell the Alpaca fleeces as well as handspun yarn and some garments that she has made from the fleeces/yarn. She also sell Alpacas to those wanting to have either a pet or breeding stock. THANKS LINDA for your warm hospitality!! Missie, Mason, Milo and I had a GREAT time!!

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