Monday, August 31, 2009

I flew to San Diego via Delta airlines Monday the 24th @ 9:45 am. I was so nervous that i didn't sleep but a couple of hours the night before. I always worry i am going to forget to pack something. And the security pass thru is worry-some and intimidating as i think about it days before.

The first picture is Toby and I outside the "famous" Quilt in a Day quilt store. Deeanna drove quite a ways to get me to this wonderful destination!! I was so lucky to find, while enjoying the fabric view, that the "famous" Elinor Burns (author of many quilt books, instructional dvds., and national quilt teacher) was in the store!! OMG, and i was able to get her to sign one of the books i purchased. About 30 minutes after leaving the store, i realized that i had had my camera in my purse and i didn't even think to ask for a picture with her.

(above left) Toby and mom. (Above right) Zoey and Marlie.
These pictures are of our fun trip to the book store. Deeanna asked me why i actually shopped at the bookstores when i could buy books online and most of the time a lot cheaper. Well...........i dunno. Maybe it's because i love being in the store surrounded by books. I enjoy taking them off the shelf, holding them one at a time and enjoying the pictures on the covers. Books in person have such a good feel to them. And, new ones have that special new smell.

Everyone picked out some favorite books and put them on Po Po's tab. Even mom found a classic audio book for the kids to listen to.

Handsome casual conversation during one of the wonderful dinners deeanna cooked for us.
I had such a good time just hanging around the kids. them hugs!
Michael the fellowshipping orthopedic surgeon worked so hard most of the days that we hardly got to see him. I did however get a few moments to ask him about his day in surgery and it was VERY interesting. All about taking hip bones apart from the muscle and trimming the bone off, adding metal and plastic and sewing it all back together (hip replacement). Words and pictures were great. The blood, etc in person would probably have me wanting to empty the contents of my stomach in a bag. Glad there are guys like him that actually like doing it "in person". =+)
Thank you, Manning family for all you did to make my visit wonderful.

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