Saturday, August 15, 2009


It seems that my brain has developed a phobia for small, confined areas and the seeming inability my body has to get out of that space. This dumb phobia has gotten steadily worse over the last several years.

This fun looking carnival ride was at the Utah County Fair in Spanish Fork. OMG! It didn't look scary from the outside. I even saw it moving with people riding before I volunteered to ride it with Mason and Milo. Well it took one trip around the circle and about 10 spins and I was DONE! "Wait! STOP!!' I'm panick stricken! "Hey, carnival-lady? Please, STOP!!" She must have been thinking (as you all are by now), "What kind of crazy lady have I put on this ride!?" As the ride came to a stop, she asked me what was the matter. I really didn't know what to say. "Nothing?" I felt she was intitled to some explanation. I confessed, " Ummm, I get REEEEALLY nervous in small spaces that I can't get out of." So the very patient carnival-lady kindly said she would give us all our tickets back. I felt bad to spoil the fun for M & M. I'm thinking, maybe Missie will take my place. There was a rule that an adult had to ride with small children so they wouldn't fall around so much when spinning. Reluctantly, she did so as not to disappoint the boys. What grandmas will do to make grandkids happy! You're the BEST Mimmy!

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