Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2 more than double nickel

55 (double nickel) plus 2 = 57 YUP!! i am gettin' old!
It's been a great day! In the morning i received several happy birthday e-mails and text messages.
I came home after an errand to find these beautiful flowers from Victor. Such a deep rich pink, the picture doesn't do them justice.

And about 4:30 pm, the doorbell rang and a young man delivered this GREAT/YUMMY Edible bouquet from all the kids and grandkids. And, yes they are every bit as tasty as they look.

Stacie and Emily took me to dinner at Archibald's a great dinner place in Gardner Village. It was very nice of Gung-Gung to have the Rudy boys over so that just the girls and i could go out.
The shopping area has lots of witches hanging out for Halloween. Below is one of my favorite ones!!!
don't i LOOK 57 in this picture????

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