Monday, October 5, 2009

switching tracks............

after my fiber mischief in Oregon.......
I got on the Amtrak Cascade at the Portland Union Station (#1 & 2 pics) and 3 hours (half hour longer because of a motorcycle accident near train tracks) later arrived at the Tacoma Station about 15 minutes from Eddie and Kelly's home in Gig Harbor, Washington. (#3 pic) is the diner car where i was able to get Ivor's Clam Chowder and something to drink). The seats were roomy and comfortable.

one of the overcast days, i stopped and took this picture right before driving over the small bridge to Raft Island where the Toy's home is

The Toy's home, Gig Harbor nestled in........trees. Their lawn and vegetation is not hooked to any sprinkler system. I think it rains enough here to water it all...... ;P

this is the road to Leora's preschool.
You would expect Snow White or at least one of the seven dwarfs to come walking onto this front porch. Well, there are a few little people who attend school here - Leora and her preschool friends. =+)
This is Costco - Gig Harbor. You can see it's buried in the trees as is the parking lot. We spent quite a bit of time here and at the nearby Target buying some fun things for their Park Ave home.
I love this weather, "cloudy with a chance of drizzle" this is the other side of the Costco parking lot. Trees AGAIN!!

this is one of the fun things that we bought while shopping in the middle of the forest, a new kitchen sink for kelly.
Eddie and his assistant, Emma are hooking up all the pipes and making sure it is installed properly.

Ok, remember this Claim Jumper cake that i passed up in Oregon after the Quilt Expo?........i mentioned it to Eddie while is was there. He walked in the house after work one day with a big box from..........where?????
Claim Jumper!! and it was the very cake that had been in my dreams since Friday night last! OMG, it was sooo yummy! i stretched it out for 5 days, eating bits after lunch and dinner.

Saturday morning October 3rd and my Northwest trip is quickly coming to an end. Pictures of my last hugz from the Raft Island sweeties, Emma and Leora. I was on the plane for home at 1:10. While waiting at the airport to board, i was already missing the family in Washington and the beautiful landscape i enjoyed while there.
Thanks to all those who made my wonderful 10 day trip so great! It wouldn't have happened without all those who took me here and there and everywhere!!

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