Monday, December 6, 2010

first stop Lazy Daisy Cottage

I had to make sure to visit before they closed.  So I asked Victor if we could go here as soon as we got to town (St George).  Lazy Daisy Cottage

It's such a fun store! There's fabric, patterns for quilt's and for ideas for gifts. Fun jewelry, purses, baby stuff....well, check it all out! Take a visit!  If you can't visit in person, there is so much fun stuff on the blog link above.  There are tutorials for gifts and the store will ship. They also do really great gift baskets.

This WAY cute quilt was just hanging out on the front porch.  It's a Buggy Barn pattern from their book called "Star Crossing".  Lazy Daisy actually has the kit for it for sale!  Oh, and yeah.... I wanna make this one too! ;P

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