Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday!!!

Good Morning and welcome to "Wonderful" Wednesday.  I didn't get the "widget" posted but, WW can go on anyway....     

Wednesdays are a great day in the middle of the week.  We can still have time to catch up on things that we need to do by the weekend.  Or, if we are all caught up, we can take a weee break to do something fun before the busy weekend hits us.

What is something you can or would do if you had the make this Wednesday a Wonderful day?

Please, take a minute and share.  It just could give someone else an idea or brighten someone else's day!!

I am going to try to get in a bit of sewing on Ida (my Innova longarm).  This is a quilt started last year during the small retreat I hosted at my house.  It was a mystery when I bought the fabrics.  I felt lucky that it turned out as nice as it did.  =)

This was the best choice of thread from my supply.  It is a bit thinner/slipperier (if that's a word)  - than what I usually use, Superior's King Tut.  Hope I don't have to struggle with the tension too much.


RudaMarie said...

Wednesday is great for tying up loose paperwork ends. I have a pile of that to get to today, and then a catnap:)
I love the Wizard of Oz poppy fab. with Dorothy on that still available do you know?
The blue quilt/thread is stunning!
Enjoy your Wednesday.


Shay said...

Wednesday is also great for counting down to the weekend.

And planning all the things you need to get done so you can relax.

Your quilt is going to be stunning when you're done.

rubyslipperz1052 said...

Thanks RudaMarie for your fun comments. I don't know if they are still making Wizard of Oz fabric. =(