Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Storage Glam

Ugly Cluttered Wall becomes Storage Glam Wall

Pic 1 - wall before

lots of stuff (apcray - in pig latin) hanging and dangling
from 3  large bulletin boards
Well, it all seemed like important stuff back when I hung each of
the items on the board.  I hung the items up so that I wouldn't put
them in a drawer/on a shelf and
then, not be able to find these very "important" items.

Item by item just kept adding up until things were actually getting "lost"
under other things - but still in "plain sight"

Time for some reformation
Time for reorganization
Time for a wall  facelift-ization

Thanks to my SUPER-fixit-MAN (aka my hubby)
who actually performed the wall facelift


I'm varied the size and texture of the baskets and containers.
 To keep some uniformity the color will all be black

Eventually, each basket will have it's own label.  But, for right now the containers are
empty, just waiting to hold their own special project.

1 comment:

Shay said...

Brilliant makeover! I bet your busting with enthusiasm to get cracking on organising.