Friday, March 11, 2011

Stitchin' Chicks

Don't Ya just love our Group Logo!!
Yep-sir-eee, its a "JILL-DANDY"
...well, I couldn't say "Jim". That's a guy's name.
It was created by that GREAT LADY of GRAPHICS
Madame Samm (known in some circles as AWE-Samm!)
You can find M. Samm most days on her blogs
Ya just gotsta go n' visit these blogs...they're CYBER-SUPER!

DOWN... to the real feathers..
 (get it? down/feathers? ok, maybe not so funny)

Lunch?...yep, you bet your beak.. it's very important!
Great food provides the energy for great 
cluck and chatter 

The buffet included cut fruit, pasta salad with veggies,
white/milk chocolate cake

cream of broccoli cheese soup

homemade chocolate sauce for a sweet drizzle...
yep,yep, yep!  important to sustain energy for
the rest of the afternoon's chatty cluck and sew

~   ~   ~   ~   ~
This year we are trading  5" RED charm squares.

 Each month, the ladies bring their yardage
and we cut them on a STUDIO cutter
Fabric gets ironed, selvages removed, 8 layers are placed on die,
 covered with Studio plastic sheet...

48 squares are cut with ONE crank of the handle!
Quick as wink (well, maybe 20 winks) our squares are traded.

~   ~   ~   ~
SHOW n TELL with FUN Incentives
Tickets are given  for each item brought to share. The rule:
an item can be shared once - UNfinished, and once -  finished.
TWO "goodie bags",  two drawings, two winners!

these are small crochet cheeries
made by D'Ann
Oh, I'm thinking... cute on the top of a pin cushion

D'Ann made each of us got a cute monkey

below is Marlene's applique quilt

Marlene shared the quilt below belonging to
her parents.  Each block is embroidered by a different
family.  The families were all part of her
 parents church congregation.

Terri made this purse.  It's quilted
on her machine and the flower made
on the Accuquilt GO

CUTE kid's crochet sweater by D'Ann

...and that's the story for this month's
Stitchin' Chicks

well...PS, a couple more quilts will appear
on a post about FYP challenge coming soon... so,
check back later!

Do you gather with a quilt group or
 other fun group?
What are some fun things you do?


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Wow!! What a talented group of ladies!! Yes a cherry on top of a pincushion, great idea. I love the applique quilt, oh my I love it all and even the food looks yummy. I do not have a group, but wish I did! Love your logo but Madame Samm's work is always amazing!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the stitchin' chicks, but 'down' comes from a duck - fowl play!

HMM, love the soup and all the goodies. The applique quilt is stunning, but the 'family' quilt is a treasure. Everyone has such lovelies to share.

I belong to a guild, and we hold quilt classes in our home shop 3 days a week - so lots of clucking - well, we do have 1 rooster.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh my goodness that friendship quilt! Isn't that a precious to that family I'm sure. My Nimble Thimbles group meets next week for our monthly lunch and stitch session. The first week in April my guild has a retreat for four days - I can hardly wait for that. :) blessings, marlene

Anonymous said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! And all of you are so talented in so many areas!
Those monkeys are adorable, and the quilt is lovely. Thanks for sharing your time of fellowship with all of us!
Jacque in SC

RitaMarie said...

Yes, indeed, looks like a very fun and talented group. Love the cherries:) You're very fortunate to have such a treasure in your life. No group here, but I'm hoping to get one together soon. The encouragement of others is always a good motivator.
Have a great weekend.

Wendy said...

What wonderful fun you ladies seem to have had .. yay you!! The chicks are adorably aweSAMM ... of course! I'll give you the feathers -- down pun ... pretty good ;) Hugs to you!

Mary Ann said...

A stitching friend and I are meeting on Saturday, March 18th and we're going to have sew-in! We'll be binding her Q sized 10 year old UFO and watching "Gone with the Wind" - her first time and my fifteenth or so!! Looks like you had SEW much fun - I love the cherries!!!!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

thank you for your nice comment on my log cabin quilt