Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snug is a Mug in a CUPboard...

A collection must've started while I wasn't looking.
'Cause I'm thinking,
 "It's getting snug in the cupboard".
The Dishes and Bowls are shouting, "The Mugs are taking over!" 
With a sympathic sigh, I reply back to them, "I'm sorry but..
I've grown VERY fond of  MUGS"

Mugs make good, reasonably priced souvenirs.
They can bring a cheerful reminder of an upcoming holiday
or bring back some really great memories.
Mugs don't usually tip over as easy as a glass. And with
the handle, they are easier to hold.
Mugs are never boring because of all their many colors,
shapes and sizes.

MY MUGS give me a lift every morning.  When I look
 into my cupboard...
 I feel excited! So many choices await.  Will it be
a favorite color or shape? Or, will it be a sip...
"down Memory Lane"?


^a favorite Mary Englbreit

^ memories of a very special trip to
New York.  I flew to visit one of our daughters
and, we went to see "Jersey Boys" on Broadway

^ more great memories...a trip to
Las Vegas with two of our daughters
 to see Cirque du Soleil

This one bought at the airport
 in San Diego, California... 
a reminder of a wonderful visit with
four sweet grandkids.  We had a great time...
while their parents were out of town.

^ a valentine gift from
Mr Wizard (aka hubby)

^2010 Halloween fun! But, I still feel
 like a "thirsty bat" many months later...

^ I love this one, too!
 Our thoughtful daughter-in-law had this made for me.

^this brings me to a cherished mug that...

... took a fall off my counter just a few weeks ago.
 Mad? YEP, I was mad at meee-self!
Clumzee, Clumzee MEEE!
It's a one of a kind, handmade mug
crafted by our my son-in-law.  I saved it. I had to.
    But, the crack is so severe, even with glue, 
 liquids would probably leak out..
O, sooo SAD, I am!

wait...could it be?
yep, yep, yep...  a new mug!
Stacie and Matt (the SIL that made the
now broken mug)...went on a vacation just a
few weeks ago.  Knowing how very sad
I was about the mug mishap, they brought back
 a bright, shiney, new addition for my CUPboard.. 

Sometimes, happiness IS...

ALL about the SHOES!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Now that mug is so perfect! Use the cracked mug to make a pincushion, then it can still sit with you.

Sparky said...

OK, love the ME and of course the ruby slippers...great selection...
touches my heart we love cups too lol

Susan said...

What a great collection!

Anonymous said...

Loving that Mary E....what a nice collection! Happy Sunday - let's all get some rest!
Jacque in SC

Mary Ann said...

Now they'll each receive their own matching mug rug, right?

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a wonderful collection! I had quite a few but got rid of most when we downsized to this house. :( I do have a few hidden in the sewing room for making rugs to give as gifts - very well hidden! blessings, marlene

Chris H said...

You have made me go look at my mugs! I don't have many 'special' mugs... but I reckon I will start a collection of them too... your's are lovely. My favourite one is the Mary Englbreit mug.
thanks for popping by... I will go check out that WW blog too.

suemac said...

How appropriate. Ruby slippers mug. Your friends really outdid themselves.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Love them! I too have mugs that have meaning. Not many but I anticipate that will change as teh years go on. Part of the lvoe my current collection is they are my choosing and for whatever reason, stuck with me where "normal" souveniers or keepsakes might not.

Each morning is a "what mood am I in" determination of the mug I use. Some days, it's just plain vanilla mood (and that's the mug I grab) where others it's about not quilting funky looking blocks. Another day, it's having coffee with Toby Keith cause I want some eye candy with breakfast or it's about remembering that dieting has to be humourous or it will fail.
Heck, it could just be one of the mugs that brings out old memories... I love that each day begins with a little, tiny, self-examination of "me" in that way.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I like a nice mug too and have about 3 that I change about according to my mood. That suggestion for a pin cushion in the mug was a great idea, I can't bear it when I accidentally break one as well :-)

thea said...

Great pics! It's nice to have something that makes you smile!

Shay said...

Yep-I'd keep the cracked mug to put my unpickers or something in.

Cute collection of mugs. I like the idea of coffee by mood!

Thanks for linking up to Favourite Things Friday.

Kirsten said...

Oh how cool..I used to collect mugs too. But one day my husband decided it was kind of sick for a person who doesn´t drink coffe, tea or milk to collect mugs...oh well. Love your collection.

Kate said...

Love them! A very cool collection. I have a set of about 8 favoite mugs that I use all the time, depending upon which are actually clean.

Sara said...

We don't so much collect mugs as accumulate them - to the point where my mother has said no more are welcome in the house. But if you're looking for a practical souvenir, I think a mug is an excellent idea.

Marg said...

You have a great collection. I have a few that I use.
I'd keep the cracked one too.