Sunday, April 3, 2011

changing for change sake...

I guess you can now,
I like to change things up a bit..

And... YOU are saying, "just a BIT?"
Okay, I have to admit I like to change things
a LOT...isn't this group of color/flowers
pretty?  Nature changes colors all the time...right?

"re-inventing the wheel"...yeah, that's meee
moto...and usually with that motto,
I've spent a LOT of wasted time...'cause, usually I
think I can find a "better" way.

NOPE...doesn't usually happen ...
that I find a better way!

There have been times...FEW and FAR between,
that I have come across a better way..
NOT often.

I hope it isn't a source of frustration that you
visit mee humble blog and it keeps changing.
I really like to add new things to the header...
new colors, designs to the background, etc.
Hope you enjoy the least sometimes.

Please, always feel free to make comments
about changes to the blog page.  I really
enjoy reading your thoughts....
critiques as well as compliments..

LUV ya all!  And, thanks for visiting!


Char said...

I like change. I will be changing my header again soon for summer and my Esty header as well.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Cute little chicks for Easter!

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't be Annie if you weren't always changing things. I never know what your sewing room is going to look like because of all the changes you have made!LOL It always looks good!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

A chick chick here, a chick chick there..... I love the flower wreath - that sort of how I work my color moods - blue flowing into green flowing into yellow flowing into peach...

Anonymous said...

Changes keep things interesting - you go, girl! Keep it up! I always love the photos that you find...where DO you find all of them? The bikes are hilarious!
Jacque in SC

Wendy said...

We'd probably have to check your temperature if you didn't change things up a bit now and then ... cute chickies!