Monday, May 23, 2011

5 FATs...giveaway...YEP, it's Mystery Monday!

It's GAME time!  Come on...put YOUR ...
game hat on. 

Alright, you may not like this particular hat.  Any game hat would do... 
...any one of YOUR favorites.

Oh this will be loads of FUN! 
Well, maybe not LOADS...maybe just LOTS.
And...playing is worth...


...yep, and in the YOUR choice of colors!
Did you already put on your game hat? It's ok, if you want to play
without a hat...playing will still be LOTSA FUN! 

K, down to the nitty gritty...can you name the fibers?
Try to guess, and if you're stuck... (you can cheat with a peak),
just click on the link below each picture.

(1)   info click HERE

(2)   info click HERE

(3)   info click HERE

(4)   for info click HERE

(5)   for info click HERE

As always, the person with the most correct answers WINS*.  If there
are more than one person with correct answers, I will use

~~please, email your answers to
~~please put -  Mystery Monday in the subject

O...and, I forgot to would be great to share
your a comment

The "game" is open until Wednesday 25th, 10pm (MT time)

*please, you must be a follower to win


Congrats to last week's Mystery Monday

Christine from Australia
You otta go on over and visit her cute blog!


Deborah in Atlanta said...

Your Mystery Mondays are always so much fun! Thanks for the mental stimulation.

Sallie said...

I like the workout info, motivation to live well, and goal tracker on your sidebar. I lead a First Place Bible study at our church and have lost 35 lbs. since the end of November. Keep doing the next right thing!

nono said...

Great Mystery Monday, I just sent my answers. Thanks

Char said...

Great MM. I didn't play this week. I couldn't figure out which one of the two answers I had for 3 was right. So I had to cheat.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love your Mystery Mondays! Congratulations to Christine.

Emma said...

Just sent my answers as I scarf down dinner so I can run back to work and go fly! I love flying at night, but it messes up your schedule so much...

Mommarock said...

My thinking cap is my princess crown LOL!! Thank you so much for the fun!

Marcia W. said...

I actually got the answers from the photos. All of these are natural fibers and sustainable agriculture.

suemac said...

I didn't get a chance to play but I enjoyed your little contest.

Anonymous said...

just looking :

don't know

not bad hum? - Must try harder next time!
Am on your team now???

thanks for the chance

Kathleen C said...

I've just discovered your Mysteries. So I put on my hat which happens to be a pretty pink University of CT Husky cap! I'll email my answers now--and I didn't cheat, but I may not have them all correct. Thanks very much.