Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday...inspiring flowers....

Isn't this inspiring?...
I'm picturing myself sitting on a comfy bench and dreaming a few hours away.
And, by probably know how easy it for my brain to "take off'.

How very wonderful the world of flowers...!
Flowers inspire so many things because their colors are perfectly
coordinated.  Flowers inspire artists, and artisans...

"Flowers can our brighten days, touch hearts, and show how much we care.
Flowers help us celebrate life's happiest moments and
soften sad thoughts during times of need.
They are a living, breathing work of art, because every petal,
every bloom, and every flower arrangement is ...
 (quote from an online flower store.)

According to behavioral research conducted at Rutgers,
The State University of New Jersey,
nature provides us with a simple way to improve emotional health...
The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction...
 and affects social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed. 
~to read more on this very interesting subject visit HERE

Listed on the Flower Expert website , the following are the most popular flowers
in order of popularity...





and Poinsettias

This list of popular the short list and of course...
(sorry, if I've missed one of YOUR favorites)
... I couldn't even show all the varieties of just these 5 types.  
Isn't it AWEsome that there are so many
wonderful colors, shapes and "styles"?

Flowers also have symbolic meanings thru out the ages...
The Living Art Originals website has many, many flower pictures with extensive info
on each flower, symbolism, history, location, etc

Flowers are one of theeee MOST WONDERFULL gifts....
 that God has given us to lift our hearts! 
Just think of all the many occasions we celebrate with
FLOWERS! two favorite flowers are
I LUV their smell and beautiful white shades as they sit on the
background of there sturdy deep green leaves
my other favorite is..

the variegated Camellia (red or pink ones) fragrance...but they
are each as unique in color as a snowflake.

What would our lives be without nature's inspiration?
Do you many lines of fabric and or quilt pattern designs...
 have been inspired by

Can YOU guess what's coming next?
yep, it's YOUR DAY to share with all of us....YOUR favorite....
and...maybe how flowers have touched your life... and/or
how do flowers inspire your quilting/crafts/needlework.


froggy (D'Ann Gayler) said...

Thanks...I think I'll go crochet some flowers.

quiltzyx said...

Beautiful flowers!

I have a "tortured flower garden" - I rarely water or feed, just let nature take its course. And every year I have lovely light blue/lavender irises & I think there are at least 10 different rose bushes! It sure makes it nice to come home & see them all in the front of my house!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

That first picture is amazing! Is it real? I love all the iris and the lupine in it.
My two favorite flowers are the bearded iris and pansies. Iris come in a rainbow of colors and I just the love the form of the flowers. Panies have those cute little faces that just make me smile.

busyascanbe said...

Beautiful Pictures!!I love reading your posts!

nono said...

My favorite flowers are Hyacinths, I just love the smell, they remind me of my Mother. I found you through Hillbilly.

Createology said...

Hello Ruby Slipperz of Oz: Thank you for visiting my blog and following. I have now had the pleasure to read some of your posts and will follow you. My favorite flowers are tiny little beautiful Johnny Jump Ups. Violas to some folks. Actually I love all flowers. So do the deer who eat them all!

Marcia W. said...

The iris is my favorite flower. I have three watercolor paintings of iris that hang in my room. So, over time I accumulated iris colored fabrics (blue/purple/magenta), read/studied about iris, looked at iris photos / drawings / bulb catalogs, grew some, drew some, and made an iris bed quilt just for me.

Amanda said...

Beautiful! The first picture is simply breath taking. Thank you for sharing!!

suemac said...

Now that I am living in Texas, the bluebonnet has become my 2nd favorite after roses.