Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hi wonderful visitors!
I'm really sorry this is getting out so late.
With watching two young grandboys ("monkeys, ages 6 and 9),
there's a lot less time to do things...

The post I wanted to do...well, I just didn't have
enough time to do it the way I wanted to.
So...I just decided to mention that I had
wedding anniversary

I feel lucky (most of the time...) to be married
to this great man. 
We usually don't do much celebrating...
for any occasions.  But...yesterday...
 he came home from work during his lunch hour
... and surprised me with a
bouquet of red roses..

I LUV the RED!

I was really surprised.  When he buys flowers
for me, he usually just brings them home when
he comes home from work.
Then...another surprise...he said
 that he had already arranged for our DD to come after her
work to watch our two grandsons.  Why?...well...
so that he could take me to dinner!
Yep, yep...yep...I was surprised! 
 Now...I'm excited too....oh, yeah...
because the place he wanted to take me was
kinda "expensive".  He usually doesn't like to go
to places where the food is expensive... without a coupon. 
 And...nope, we didnt' have a coupon this time.

It's called the Harvest .Restaurant at Thanksgiving Point
The decor is really pretty...

with plants and beautiful murals...
You can see the hawk between the wall sconces,

...and this cat hiding in the "bushes".

It wasn't busy.  There was soft music, so peaceful.
The food was exquisite...I had a halibut dish.
The service was especially good too!

In Thirty-seven years...this is one of the best
But, years pass I am learning to
appreciate the little things more.

When our son saw this photo he said,
"Congratulations! almost looks like you guys are in the
same room and both smiling,
...the wonders of 
photo shop!"

Well, it's true...sparks do fly a lot of the times
when hubby and I are in the same room...but,
heck, we've made it 37 years!!

So...what about
Do you have any anniversary
 It doesn't have to be a wedding anniversary...
it could be a celebration of any kind.
One that YOU remember was

Thanks for letting me share a wonderful time with


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations to the young couple! Love the red red roses, what a stunning color.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I LOVE red roses! I've been married 23 years so far. Got me a keeper. The last several years we haven't been in the same town at the same time on our anniversary because of events in our schedules. That's ok. We DID celebrate our 20th by going to Maine with his parents. It was GREAT!! Lobster, blueberries, Lobster, pretty places, blueberry pie, Lobster, a few quilt shops, and Lobster. Did I mention the Lobster????

Siobhan said...

Congratulations. I have been married for 23 years and I definitly think we get more mellow as the years go by. Here's to many more :)

Jocelyn said...

Congratulations! Like I said, our guys robbed the cradle ;-)

Christine M said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. What a lovely surprise for you. Those roses are beautiful.

Patty said...

Congratulations on making 37. We just made 36, on the 7th. Sometimes it seems like yesterday, other times like 100 years ago. LOL Glad you got to celebrate. We stayes home and had steaks grilled outside. Quite an occasion. BTW Roses are lovely.

Joanna said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds as if you had a wonderful day.

Keep Stitchin' said...

Happy Anniversary! 37 years, wow! Our 20th was spent at Olive Garden and DH had gotten my engagement ring fixed w/o my knowledge; most of the stones had fallen out over the years and I had put it aside. He had a new setting put on it and re-propsed 'the right way' he said (down on his knees). It was cute, everybody thought we were newly engaged!

Michelle said...

Wow 37 years. We have just got to 13. Beautiful Roses !

Kate said...

Happy Anniversary!

suemac said...

Congrats. We just made it to 10 last week.

Quilt n Queen said...

Congratulations Annie....we just celebrated our 41st anniversary 3 weeks ago....I was only 15 and he was 17 when we met......dated for 4 years and got married in 1970. I'm so thankful for each day we are together...(o:

hafza said...

Congratulations...we just made it to 16 years last three months.

RitaMarie said...

Congratulations! How wonderful to have surprises on your anniversary:) Our anniversary was Tues. too, only 36 years for us. Hubby hid $ for me to find around the house as I went about my routine- he knew I was going to the quilt show today and wanted me to have some $ to spend:) Gotta love that guy.

Vickie said...

Happy, happy anniversary!!!!! Congratulations! You go, girl!

Valspierssews said...

Congratulations! I loved your post. I checked my comments and was excited to find a new visitor. What's she say? my husband said. (He is sitting in the sun with me). I read your comment then visited your blog and read out all the lovely things your husband did for your 37th anniversary. DH says 'You write back and say that he has darn well set the bar too high!' With our 37th coming up next year my DH is concerned I will expect too much :D

busyascanbe said...

Happy Anniversary! Its so rare now a days that people make it that long and that fact you did says alot about you!

HOPE said...


My 37th is coming in August and we have a wonderful time away planned. Can't wait.

Oh yes..If you go to my watering wells of hope can read all about celebrating!!!

Love to visit and see all the quilty stuff!!



dluvscoke said...

Way. To. Go. Victor! :)