Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a bit of healthy info....

Ruby Reports 10/19.11..

Since last Wednesday October 12th,
I walked 5 days with a total of 12 miles.
I didn't make my goal of 3 miles 6 days.  But,
The 12 miles over 5 days is better than my previous 3 weeks.
So, I didn't reach my goal...but, I am in forward progress.
Give yourself credit for small progresses!
I ate out, twice but, did try to eat healthy this last week.
I lost 1 pound...(but, I am still up from an initial loss
of 16 pounds in August)
Being out of town and trying to stay on a
healthy path can be difficult.  Planning menus
ahead and planning time ahead for walking

What have you done since last Wednesday
towards a healthier YOU?  Maybe just a few steps
more in your day?  Or maybe you turned down dessert
and had some fruit instead?  Or maybe you just set
some goals?

Wanda B. Healthy...
Write it down...inspire YOURSELF!

For me...keeping track of my walking
helps me to set small goals (towards the big ones).
Being able to look back on my written progress
inspires me. 
I can feel good about my progress
if the goal hasn't been reached.  I now write
the number of calories I burn each time.
This helps me to take a second thought about
eating empty calories.  I can evaluate how much time
and hard work it would take to burn off that ice cream
or order of fries.  Does this ALWAYS work?
I have to be honest.  Nope, I still eat stuff
I shouldn't.  But, writing down makes me more
aware.  I tend to "slip" less.


~~ GOOD2EAT ~~

EZ Tofu and Spinach Soup

2 - Cans of Chicken Broth
                   (or 5 cups of homemade broth)
2 - bundles of spinach         
                 (wash and cut into 3rds by length)
1 - container of firm ToFu    
                    (drain and cut into approx 1" cubes)
**Add...onion and or garlic powder,
 and salt ---> to your own taste.

Heat Broth to almost boiling...add Tofu
and cook for several minutes before adding
cut spinach.  Cook until spinach is just tender.
Let sit just a few minutes with lid on and serve

This soup VERY low in calories
yet really nutritious!
---half cup raw tofu is 94 calories and 11 grams of protein--

We'd all LUV to hear from YOU!
YOUR goals and deeds and inspire us...
to move closer to BEE-ing Healthy!


Linda said...

I was in a family biggest losers contest when I got shingles. I am just trying to "survive" this! I have no appetite at all, but this is not the way to lose weight!
Good for you!

Miss Hillbilly said...

I always do good until I get a health ailment, and then I don't do so well. I need to figure a way to walk inside. It is getting colder and then the walking has suffered. Ugh.

dluvscoke said...

FYI- So far I've worked out 7 out of 8 days. Woot. Woot! Thanks for the inspiration.

About those Butterfinger Chex Treats on my blog...I didn't eat a single one. Ha. If you believe that, you really don't know me at all ;)

suemac said...

I am just happy I have started walking again. The weather is now cooler. I was out of town this week and I am not eating exactly great. I need to get back to my better eating habits.

Sharon said...

Right now I'm nursing my back. Colder weather wreaks havoc, but I will soon get better and then need to get motivated to get back on the exercise bike. Over the past couple of years I've changed my diet and feel healthier due to that aspect. NO more soft drinks or dairy. Found out it was the cause of sinus infections and my rosacea is much! ;-D