Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do the BIG Rocks First

"Do the BIG rocks first." 
Dr. Covey

I've been struggling to get on my treadmill (treddy)
the road trip, back in August, with my grandsons. 
Before, that trip...I had made a goal...
to do at least 3 miles/6 days a week.
I had accomplished more than 7 weeks straight
 with 3-4 miles and going 6 days each week. 
Then...with other travels and family visits...
all HECK came down on my initial goals.  =(

I've gotten on Treddy, here and there for several days in a row.
 and. most of the time I do about 3 miles.
 But, the original goal, yeah, well it's
kinda flown the coup.  While lamenting to a friend last week,
(Thanks, Luli!)...she reminded me of something I had told her
about a year or more ago.  I went back to the following...

This is a video with Dr. Steven Covey. It is one
of my favorite illustrations of doing the important things
 And... I need to watch it more often.
                                            You may have heard of this or even seen the video before
                                                But, it is...imho, worth looking at more than once

Are you wondering what this video might have to do
with walking on my treddy? occured to me that
Bee-ing healthy...IS one of those big rocks.
I need to make being healthy a priority...a BIG rock,
not, just let it be...
 one of those small pebbles that gets filled in
later...after everything else.  =(

This week, starting Monday, I decided to make
walking on my treadmill one of my first priorities in
the early morning (well, I do go to the bathroom first!)
To let myself know that... I mean business, I set out
my pants, top, shoes, socks that I wear while
on the treadmill...theee night before!
And, I set my alarm for the time
I need to get up to be on the treadmill depending on what i have to
do that day....but, usually it's 7am.
Since, it takes me about 15 minutes to get ready to
get on the treadmill...I set my alarm for 6:45am

Does this mean that if I get up late and can't go the whole
3 miles...that I don't get on the treadmill at all?
Well, I have to admit this is my first inclination.  And, again,
yep, I have to admit...I've done this many times.  But,
It's sabotage thinking...(more about this in a future post)
I'm going to at least commit to the goal to get meee
ol' tush-a-loonie (and this isn't pasta!) ON the treadmil,
NO MATTER...if it's only for 10 minutes.
Maybe...this is not... how YOU would schedule things.
  Whatever YOUR time frame...take a few minutes
(that is if you want to set a "moving/exercise" goal), and...
 try to actually schedule for "moving/exercise", even if it is
 just taking extra steps.
 (pedometers are good for setting step goals)...
How about scheduling for this next coming week?
If (I mean WHEN) you do start...(even "baby" steps), might write it down?
(writing down is important too)
You could come back next week, and...
inspire us all!
So...leave a comment? please? It will help all those
who come to visit...I promise.
Just comment on ONE thing that you are
going to this next week...
 to make YOUR healthPRIORITY in
YOUR life.

PS...sorry for the skaddee-whampus alignment
of the wording.  I always have trouble when I
post with You-tube videos  =(


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Sounds like a great plan!! My goal this week is to eat lighter (excercise is not an option).

Mommarock said...

We decided we needed to be a bit flexible. We have made the gym a priority, but doing the SAME thing at the gym was boring! We (my son and I) go to the gym for our phys. ed. class every morning after math class. Then on Mondays and Wed. we work the weight machines then swim. On Tues and Thurs. it is weights then the stationary bike for 20 min. and on Fridays it is the weights then raquetball. So we are changing it up to keep it interesting, but still keeping to the commitment. Also we are working on the healthy diet changes. (Difficult during the hearty eating season ahead)

Terri said...

okay I am thinking you are convincing me to get on the treadmill for 3 miles - let's say 4 times a week. I'll see if I can do that for a week. Starting tomorrow, right? I'll buy you a fat quarter if you win.

suemac said...

Good for you. Now that the weather is cooler I need to get back to my walking routine. Walking in 110 degree weather was not an option this summer.

Miss Hillbilly said...

I get frustrated that I don't have time to get out and walk but I suppose I could take extra steps at home. A few extra rounds of ring around the rosie maybe?? Ok, I will try to get extra steps in this week. No pedometer but I'll know if I've walked more.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Enjoyed the photos of the Portland quilt show. I used to live in Portland and love it. Thanks for the video--it makes a good point in a simple (and funny) way. About exercising, your plan of putting it first seems best. I've gotten to the age where certain things annoy me, "exercise"...because it bores me. I have become a gardener instead and spend at least a couple hours a day outside getting a medium workout while doing something that I like. So glad I stopped by.
best, nadia

dluvscoke said...

I love that video!

I am going to get on the treadmill for 1/2 hour each day and do 30 minutes Bodies in Motion (on Fit TV)afterward, while my muscles are warm. I've got to get in the mindset that exercise is AS important as showering, brushing my teeth and even eating.

BTW- I have found that when I'm going to put a YouTube video on one of my posts, it's best if I do all of my writing and THEN insert the video where I want it.

Anonymous said...

I have two things I've been thinking of doing. One: eat smaller meals. Two: Walk the neighborhood (which is *steep* hills!) at least 3 times a week.

Siobhan said...

I lack motivation big time when it comes to exercise, so I am starting walking with my daughter tomorrow, hopefully that will work.

Lisa said...

I walk with a group of women one evening a week, but I find it so hard to do alone. Just to get that motivation to find time even. We use Leslie Sansones Walk at Home sysrem.