Friday, January 13, 2012

Fab-link Friday...decluttering

I found a FAB-LINK by surfing blogland the other day. 
Who says that surfing blogland is NOT
 not educational, informative and a great use of time?

One of the blogs that I follow Sharon's Favorites had a link on
her blog along with a few words about DE-CLUTTER.
De-clutter?....ummm, I could certainly use a bit of advice on
this matter.  How about YOU? No? well, you might not
be interest in this link below...called,

Okay, I know that if I would just stop dipping
my fingers into so many hobbies/crafts.  And, if I would
stop buying all of the tools and thing-eeez needed to
play in the Fabric, Fiber and Craft worlds.  AND...maybe, if
I wouldn't be so "in-LUV" with my laptop and the internet...
Well my life COULD be a leeetle bit simpler.

Beth Dargis, the lady that runs the website and blog,
 has a great idea!
 Put de-clutter "appointments" on a calendar. 

Her philosophy...if, you just do the one leeeetle thing
written on the calendar each day, you would headed to
a life with a LOT LESS clutter.  I think, one leeetle
de-clutter per day, wouldn't be too big of a task? 
So, I downloaded the calendar
 I'm going to give it a whirl!
 Let's see if I can keep my de-clutter appointment for
 5 days of a week...starting today.
 I think I can...I think I CAN...I THINK I CAN.
Yep, that's ME in the CLOWN suit!

If you do go to the link with the de-clutter calendar,
let me know what YOU think about it?

Do you have regular times of the year that you

AND one more IS
FRIDAY the 13th.  Just remember if/when you run into
that BLACK CAT...
IT just might be MORE scared than you!


Megan said...

Every night while I brush my teeth, I wander into my sewing room and force myself to find just one thing to go in the trash/recycling or the donation bin. Sometimes it's scraps of fabric I know I'll never use, last night it was a couple of old Pottery Barn catalogs. I've been at it for about 4 weeks now. The donation bins are definitely filling up more quickly, but it's tough for me to tell a difference when I look at the sewing room. I kinda wish I had taken a picture before I started for comparison's sake. Good luck in your decluttering!

c. Joy said...

Well, I always thought that was me in the clown suit... I'm going to check this de-clutter thingy out, I need all the help I can get. I keep doing the good and the BEST keeps not getting done. *SIGH* Have a great weekend.

Linda said...

Great idea! Thanks for the link.

RobinLovesQuilting said...

I have a subscription to Netflix's Instant Watch, and one of the things you can instantly watch is the show "Hoarders" on A&E. When I have time to clean but I don't feel motivated, I like to watch an episode of that. Usually halfway through I am SO INSPIRED to get anything, EVERYTHING out of my house that I become an incredibly efficient decision-making and organizing machine. Also, I like to always move my donation bags out to the car as soon as they are full, 1) so I don't have to look at them any more and 2) to increase the odds that I will have them the next time I drive by my local goodwill.

Chris H said...

I like the calendar idea... for anyone who is NOT like me!
I de-clutter all the time.
It's good for the soul. So they tell me. lol

Valspierssews said...

Putting things in writing always helps them happen. I write my housework calendar on the computer each month. Basic decluttering is part of my monthly routine. It just makes life easier. I usually have a kind of spring clean before Christmas when I retire towels and sheets and give away utensils I haven't used for 12 months.

Olga said...

I see things like that de-clutter calendar and think, "Why didn't Ido that?" (Put together a calendar of de-clutter tips to market) I guess because it is so second nature for me. I really cannot function in a cluttered space.

suemac said...

I started by cleaning my sewing room. I have not decluttered so much as reorganized. I feel better. Everything is organized and I can find things again.

dluvscoke said...

Do you know what I love?...That you change your blog name so that it starts with Annie. It makes it much easier to find when blogs are in alphabetical order. :)

Oh! And I can't get your button code to work on my blog. Is anyone else having trouble or is it just me?