Saturday, January 28, 2012

"OMW"...Queen of Lean...and a winner

(please read to the end of the post to find out about the winner)

Yep...that's the title that some people give her.
The Queen of Lean

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels..."wants you to know she has a soft side",
according to an article in Ladies Home Journal.
On the popular TV show Biggest Loser, she is also called
by some as the "tough-as-nails" trainer.  But, according
to the article she would rather have people be, "converts to health
and well being...but not (just) for the sake of looking good in
a cute dress."  She has written several books, weight-loss supplements,
exercise DVDs and a Wii game.  Although the word "weight-loss"
is very closely attached to her name she feels that it is "just a means
to an end"  She is more passionate about helping people rebuild
their lives.  She says, "When someone feels strong physically they
feel strong in every aspect of their existence"
 (You can read the entire article HERE)

Julian's Weight Loss Rules

Get Educated
You can lose weight a hundred different ways, but if you want to
keep it off you have do something that you can maintain for the
rest of your life.   Eating healthily and exercising moderately is
the key; yo-yo dieting messes with your metabolism.
Treat The Real Problem
Weight gain is a manifestation of other issues, not the problem
itself.  So losing weight can also provide an opportunity for
self-exploration.  If you don't look at the root of the problem,
the weight will come back.  Get into therapy. As for help.
Put Yourself First
It's the norm for women to skip the doctors' appointments,
miss sleep, stop working out.  This MO never works because
we get so run down we have nothing to offer. Put some of your
needs first and you'll be a better role model for your kids.


"Revitalizing Smoothie"  Spinach-Apple Splash*

Using an electric juicer according to the manufacturer's instructions...
2 cups spinach leaves, 1/2 green pepper and 1/2 apple.
Prep tip: Choose a Granny Smith apple.  This variety contains 25 percent less sugar
than other apples and lends a tart flavor the complements the other ingredients in
 the drink.
BONUS! Spinach Revs Energy
This leafy green contains compounds called inorganic nitrates that help muscle
cells convert carbohydrates and fat into usable energy, according to a study in
the journal Cell Metabolism.   *recipe from Ladies Home Journal
----(my note: several recipes online had added banana and/or yogurt)


~~~Ruby's Report ~~~

Treadmill - Wahoo...this week made it THREE weeks @ 6 days a week.  I'm not
                   quite ready to commit to a length of time or number of miles.  I'm just
                   going to see if I can do one more week for 6 days. I have been doing 
                   more incline. 
Healthy Eating - still struggling with me water intake.  I just don't know why it is SO
                          hard to get more water in my "life"!  I was really good with
                          no-sugar/no junk foods.  But, I did eat out 3 times.  I think it's the
                          high calorie salad dressings...and maybe the Chick-fil-A fried
                          strips?  =P   Maybe the yummy bread with a bit too much butter?

Weightloss -I'm up .2.  That's not too bad considering I did eat out several times this

And... we have a winner!  But, what was the contest??? you say...
Well, it was a bit sneaky...I took the names of those who commented
last week...about their own goals...and I did a drawing.
for this really great book filled with inspirational/motivational
real life stories about people who changed their lives by
getting healthier.

The winner is: KATIE from New York!
...and she has two blogs:
Quilter's Books and Bindings
Katie's Salt Marsh Path
Goals don't have to be about the numbers on a scale.  They can be
something/anything...that you can set to make yourself feel
healthier...feel happier...have more energy.
Give it a try? SMALL fairly easy goal in a
...healthy direction.  It's never too late to start. =)

=============== so kind as to leave a comment?  Let us know
how you are doing with your goals...or what ones you'd
like to set for yourself.
We can all learn from each other and,
...we will feel the CYBER-MOTIVATION!


KatieQ said...

Thank you Annie for the lovely book. I hope it will help to keep me inspired. This week I exercised at Curves 3 times and drank 64oz of water each day. The trips to the bathroom are cutting into my sewing time. I'm down 1/2 a lb.
I also went to the doctor for my annual checkup. No surprise, she told me to loose weight to bring down my cholesterol. She also advised me to take 1000mg of vitamin D3 daily, so I have added that to my health routine.

Becky said...

Congrats to katie.The book looks like a fun read.Im liking the article too you posted. I agree with her 100 percent.The drink oh yum,Im greek so we love spinach.I must try that.

Happy sunday ahead!Blessings!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Congrats, Katie. I need to lose weight and regain some strength. It is surprising how your strength diminishes as you get older. I am looking at joining a gym that has just opened nearby, mainly to use the treadmills. Can't get too involved in other exercises until I see my doctor as my BP is very high. I do walk with my little dog Honey every morning but that is more like a stroll-lol. :)

Sarah Craig said...

Congratulations, Katie! And while I didn't drink as much water per day as I intended to, I did drink more than last week - so that's an improvement! And I did stretching exercises four days out of seven - again an improvement, although not perfect. So I'll keep the same goals for this week and see if I can make it this time!

Sarah Craig said...

But..... on the positive side - I did quilt five quilts last week! Surely that burns some calories.... ;-)

My Life In Quilts said...

Hey Ruby, I am doing pretty well with my goal of riding the bike and eating better. Well, somewhat. I started a blog about it called My Health Journey at I am sharing my daily food intake and thoughts. It is helping me be honest if nothing else. Thanks for your encouragement and the thought behind entering our names in your drawing.

Valspierssews said...

It is great to see people enjoying your blog Annie. I kept up my drink in the morning this week and without trying too hard I managed to lose 0.3kg.
You should be thrilled you did the treadmill 6 days again. Putting on a little bit is good for learning how much we can really eat.

Sheila said...

Congratulations Miss Katie!

quiltgrammy said...

Congratulations Katie,looks like a wonderful book!!
Annie thanks for your blog and all the helpful info. I do great with the water as long as I have plenty of ice, I started walking Dec.28th and have lost 8lbs., was walking the dogs (BIG puppies) 5 days a week until I fell and hurt myself this week but I'm feeling better so hopefully I can get back to my routine real soon.
My goal is to continue drinking LOTS of water and to watch my portions, trying to eat at least 2 pieces of fruit each day and 2 fresh veggies.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations KatieQ! I set my single goal to setting a regular eating schedule - made myself a placemat and mug rug for a nice place setting. Haven't been real thorough with this one , but will keep at this one. Also, adding the supplimental Daily Vitamins and adding more protein to diet - green vegies, fish 3x's week,nut butters - Not a vegan, but dont really eat (or like) a lot of meat.

dluvscoke said...

Oh my heck. I can't get past the cat photo. Sooo funny! :)

suemac said...

I exercised six out of seven of the last seven days and my fasting blood sugar has been under 110 most days. Yeah.

Susan said...

I love the cat picture! =) No exercise here yet. Just up and down stairs a million times a day - or a dozen at least!

Miss Hillbilly said...

Ok, so on your three points--1) educated. no problem. Did that really good a couple of years ago. Lots of healthy research. 2) Treat the real problem. Well, that would be impossible at this time...but in time it will improve. 3) What? Women never put themselves first. Ever! I know...I do need to work on this one.

Sara Lyn said...

That kind of juice is my favorite! Feels so good and cleansing. Have you experimented with other combinations for the leafy greens? My favorite is romaine and kale with the green pepper and apple. (Kale is a "super" food!)