Sunday, January 8, 2012

Some Holiday Family Frolics...

I know that Christmas is bygone for 2011.  Whew!
Not that it wasn't a tremendously happy time during.  It's
just that my brain likes to stress me out in the before time.

So, it all began... Christmas Eve.
Beds were  outfitted with clean sheets and homemade quilts.
ALL the fabric covered packages were under the tree. 
We had fresh Chinese porridge/jook cooked and hot.
This special rice porridge is a big favorite of all of
our grandchildren.  We fed them this quite often
when they were babies and growing up.  And, our kids 
 are quite fond of it because they, also, ate it as babies/children.

It's 11:15 pm - yep that's almost midnight! And, normally
these old grandparents (meaning DH and me) would be asleep.
DH and I are in the car, on our way to the SL airport
to pick-up our DD#2 and her two boys. 
We arrive home about 12:45 Christmas morning.
We are excited to see them.  I get lots of hugs from
those sweet grandboys...and several "I miss yous"

After eating several bowls of porridge and exchanging
excited chatter the boys head for bed.
Christmas Morning

DD#4 and her husband come over about
9:30 am for theeee OPENING of the presents.

Mason (GS#3), Stacie (DD#4) and Matt (SIL)

Emily (DD#2) , Milo (GS#4), Victor (DH)

Penny says, "Where is my present?"
After the presents were all opened...
(Chef Victor)

We had breakfast...

Rhodes Orange Rolls
Bacon ... OF COURSE!
Sausage... AND scrambled eggs to order.
AND...fresh fruit delivered the day before from
Edible Fruit.  This was a gift from DD#1 and DD#3
Yum! AND with pineapple (men) coated in chocolate!


Table's set and We are ready to eat!
After Breakfast, we were able to
use our 52" TV and a camera thru the
Internet to visit with our Son, his wife and
three little girls.  It was great!  The cousins could
share what they got for Christmas and the adults
could just visit.  The wonders of cyberspace!
Christmas late afternoon and evening was quiet and
peaceful.  DH and I just kind of relaxed by ourselves.
Our DD#4 and grandboys went to visit their other
grandparents.  DD#3 and SIL went to his parents for
the evening.
DD#4 and grandboys would be back for bedtime.
They are to stay with us until Friday the 30th of Dec 2011.
On Monday Dec 26th our GS#1 would fly into SL
So, we had a fun-filled week AFTER Christmas too.
But, that will be saved for next week on Sunday...
 Family Adventures!

How about YOU?  Did you get to visit during the holidays
with family members
that you don't get to see very often?
Have YOU used Internet cameras to visit with
friends and family members?


Love Of Quilts said...

I do get you about the stress...even tho we look forward to seeing them I do like it getting back to normal.

c. Joy said...

Annie, Thanks for the Christmas update. Makes my day.

Sheila said...

Beautiful pictures of a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for sharing.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

With all that confusion - had me with those rolls!!!

Chiska said...

We've just entered the world of video talking and it's been so wonderful and frustrating! My little girl likes to say whenever she cries (about anything) "I'm just sad because my Grandpa's not here." So now we'll say, "why don't we see if he'll talk to us." Then we try and sometimes it's great and it works and other times.....grr! It's also been great for the long distance cousins. We have a new cousin this year and she's been an ethereal thing to my kids, but now they want to see and talk to the baby all the time. I love that. It makes everyone feel not quite so far away. It also made me realize what a difference actually seeing people makes. Thanks for sharing your fun times.

LimeRiot said...

It looks like a wonderful holiday! It's so nice that your whole family got to be together... even if some were joining from cyber space :).

It sure looks like you are making wonderful memories for your grand-babies.

suemac said...

Sounds like you had a great time. My DH and I had a quiet Christmas. No visitors this year. They came for Thanksgiving. We enjoyed some us time.

KatieQ said...

It looks as though you had a lovely, but exhausting holiday. You made a lovely breakfast. The rolls looked wonderful.