Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dr Oz...and the 4 Pillars of Longevitiy

I really like Dr Oz.  

Each time that  I have watched his show, I've learned 
 something new and important for my health and general well-being.
I also like reading a magazine called Success Magazine.
 It's kind of a magazine for Business people.  But, many of the
articles are quite motivational.  Each magazine usually has
  at least 2-3 articles about how someone preservered and
 success was the result.  So, I was really excited to get September's
issue of Success Magazine which included a very informative
 article interviewing Dr. Oz
You can read the entire article HERE
One section is titled:
Concentrate on Health Before Everything Else.
(I'm thinking that I need to print these words and put them
on my bathroom mirror!)
And...there's a sidebar to the article which reads:
You want to live to 100? Follow these simple steps...
1) Get Breathless ...daily vigorous activity...
2) Eat Real Food...whole foods the way they look out
of the ground
3)  Have a Purpose...give your heart a reason for beating
4)  Get Screened...get tested, have relationship with your doctor
With the new year just beginning I need to take a second look, a
more focused look at the importance of doing certain things to
be more healthy... 
I need to try to eat more real foods, exercise more and something
I've been very lacking in for quite some time

Is there one (or maybe 2-3) things that YOU want to
focus on?


TREADMILL - I was terrible this week!  I only did 2 days.  This week, I've not been
                          feeling very good with a bad headache and some nausea.  I know, I
                          should've gotton on meeee sweet treddy - even if it was just for 10
                          minutes or so.  But, sad to say no determination mustard itself in
                          meee ol' pea brain. ~Next week's goal is to just get the fat-tush
                          on the treddy for 6 days, no matter how long

FOOD - I certainly did better this week than the several weeks before.  I ate less
              chocolate and less sugar.  But, I need to make a better effort to plan a
              meal here and there. ~Next week's goal is to plan 2 healthy meals,
              not using any processed ingredients.

WEIGHTloss - I'm down .6.  But...I can't applaud myself  with much ado,because I
                         gained too much in the last several weeks. ~Next week's goal...
                         dare I commit???  okay, I'll try to see if I can at least lose
                         ONE pound.

Am I exercising yet? 

Kay...meee bloggie friends....
Anyone wanna comment on how things are going for them?
Are YOU thinking about wanting to do more
things to be healthier?
Do you have some specific goals that you'd want to share
with us?

Your comments always inspire me!



Kim D. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comments. Good luck getting healthier, it's a struggle isn't it, with so many good foods around the holidays.
I love your Christmas gift bags, I bought fabric last year to make some and still haven't gotten around to making them. So many projects, so little time. :^)

Love Of Quilts said...

This would be good...just as long as I can out live my mind I'll be ok with living to be 100.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

OK - laughter is the best medicine and burns calories - I think I laughed off 5 pounds with the cat photo! I went with friends to Zumba and couldn't do it - too much metal in my body for all that motion. So my floor/table pedal machine will have to do until the weather allows more walking.

Samantha said...

I'm right there with ya. This last week I didn't stick with any of the fitness promises I made myself for this year, but that is because both my daughter and I were busy "being girls" and popping Midol and trying to do as little as possible while eating as much chocolate as possible.

Son and I are going for a walk outside in a little while, and I guess I should get the big pile of batting off of my treadmill now so I can start using it if it is raining outside. My real struggle is food though, I love the stuff!

I'm going to be good this week and get on the scale at the end of it and see where I am and call that my starting point. :)

dluvscoke said...

I want to lose 20 lbs, so I put 20marbles in a small glass vase and will take one out each time I lose a pound. I'm hoping a visual aid will help me.

So far this new year, I've taken out two. Not bad for one week, right? :)

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Hmmmm...I need to get on this!

Emma said...

I got a cookbook for Christmas that might help - it's by Jamie Oliver (of Food Network fame) and it makes a completely from-scratch meal (entree, side, and dessert) in 30 minutes, or so he says. I'll be trying it out this week...but he pairs side dishes/entrees/desserts so that they use up the waste from each other (one needs an egg yolk, the other uses the white, etc.). And it helps me cut out defaulting to grain-based meals, especially when I feel so much better without them! So here's to 2012, when I (hopefully) limit my grains much more and lose a bit of my belly pudge (although I am still young and not necessarily NEEDING to lose weight, I have gotten a bit of extra padding, so to speak).

Sarah Craig said...

Well, I need to get to work getting my body ready to match the "perky new pair" I should have by this time next year! So here's to eating better and getting up and moving! (And still quilting in between.....)

Sheila said...

I want to make better healthier food choices, walk more and lose some weight this year.
Love the kitten photographs :D

suemac said...

When I met with the dietician she was about no processed food. All natural. It makes sense. I am getting a start with unprocessed lunch meat, no margerine, and using olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a dressing.

Valspierssews said...

I love Dr OZ! He is so sensible. This year my screenings have all aligned - the pap smear, the breast screen and the colonoscopy. I get the colonosopy every 5 years now since mum had bowel cancer 20 years ago. She was lucky and is a fit 83 now. I like the marble in the jar suggestion. A good visual aid for me is to list the kilojoules I have eaten. If I go over 6000 I know I won't lose any weight so I have to make a choice. Do I really want that extra whatever after dinner or do I want to lose weight. By seeing the numbers in front of me it is a bit easier to choose not to have it.
You should be very excited that you have lost this week. Down .6, just think what a wonderful thing you are doing for yourself. Cooking a healthy meal can be very quick and easy. When I want something quick and tasty I chop some pumpkin, carrot, snowpeas and capsicum into small pieces and fry them up in a spoon of rice oil. Tip them out and fry up a small handful of lean mince steak. Put it all together with a 1/4 cup of tomato pasta sauce. I will usually do this at lunch time and cook up enough veges to save for dinner (no meat). You were wonderful on the treadmill last week - you did two days! Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break and we catch up later. I love reading about your efforts and your goals. Have you been on the treadmill this week?