Friday, February 7, 2014

Making a quilt with the Ladies of Downton Abbey

I'm in the thick of it now, the Downton Abbey 4th season.  And, you can tell because I wait on baited breath for the next episode to appear on Masterpiece Theatre each week.  I know that I will be just a bit sad when the season's over.  I will miss the people there.  I'll wonder how they are getting along and won't be able to find out for almost another year. 

I don't know if any of you watch the show?  I didn't watch the 1st and 2nd seasons, kind of with my nose in the air saying, "What IS all the fuss about?!  I don't want to start watching something and feel compelled to keep watching...that's just a lot of hoooey and nonsense".  And, yet, here I am!  All decked out in "hoooey and nonsense"!! 

I dunno am I strange to think that I have any kind of minute connection to the people on the show?  Yet, I do. (okay, it's already been well established that I AM strange!)
 It seemed logical that I would be excited when a line of fabric was created to commemorate the main ladies of Downton. The fabrics are from Andover.  They are grouped by colors in a theme to celebrate each Lady individually.

In all honesty, I wasn't really overjoyed with many of the colors used.  In seeing the different groupings, I wasn't sure that I could make a quilt with just one Lady's theme.  But, taking a few from each group to put into a quilt also seemed a bit daunting. 

THEN...I was visiting the Fat Quarter Shop one day to glance over the Downton Lady's fabrics, and I came across the pattern for this quilt.

Ladies of Downton Abbey quilt pattern by Tiffany Hayes using
Downton Abbey fabric by Kathy Hall. Click the link below for
more info
Pattern below can be purchased at several online shops.
I purchased mine at Fat Quarter Shop (click here).  You can also purchase
a kit from them.
Sooooo....on my way home from the Post Office yesterday, the thought came to mind,
...what could it hurt to..."just drop in" a local quilt store for some warm friendly
fuzzies and to check on what might be new there?  The store is only a couple of 
blocks from the Post Office. It's one of my favorite family owned stores!  In many
ways, when you walk in, you feel taken back to a variety store of the early 1900's.  But,
there are lots of things for modern times (modern quilters)as well.   If you are ever
 in the area...I would heartily recommend you stop in... Broadbent's in Lehi, Utah
My thoughts were to just drop in and LOOK.  I guess I didn't listen to myself.
Because...Boy-HOWdee, I got into some fun trouble!  Somewhere during my
browsing, I forgot my original intentions.  I know exactly where the forgetting started the corner where all the Downton Abbey fabric was invitingly displayed!
With a closer look, I was very excited to see that Broadbent's had the WHOLE line
 IN stock.  ALL of the different Downton fabrics for the quilt pictured in the pattern
above!  But, it gets better.  I was able to use a 25% off coupon.  No driving all
around to find more in the line and no shipping from online stores.  Yep, I did leave
with a smile on my face and hugging the "small" bag as I walked to my car. 
Here are my fabrics for the quilt...
I was able to get enough of the main fabric with the Downton Abbey to do the back. 
I was able to also get all I needed, plus plenty extra, of the beige/feather print for
the sashing.   These two prints are running low on the bolt tho.  I bought an extra
2 yards of 2 of my favorite prints for binding and borders on the back.  I'm really
excited! to "cool my jets" until the pattern arrives in the mail. 
Are any of you watching Downton Abbey?  Are any of you sewing items or making
quilts...projects with any of  the Downton Abbey fabrics?  


Pattilou said...

Oh, you're so naughty! Have fun with your fabric. Yep, I'm a Downton fan too.

Valspierssews said...

The fabrics are gorgeous. If I held my colours up to that pile it would match exactly. I watched the first season but didn't watch anymore. Maybe I will get the dvds one day. I am now seriously considering decorating my new sewing room in that line of fabric. I better get looking.
valspierssews at gmail

Anonymous said...

I watched a few minutes of it in the beginning, because all my friends were raving about it, but it didn't interest me so I don't watch it. In fact, I don't even have a TV any more! But I'm the exception, I think! I love what you are going to do with all those fabrics and with a discount, no less! Good going! I've heard of Broadbent's before and I think I spent some time looking at pictures of the store on someone's blog - maybe even yours! If I get to Utah again, I'll check it out. It sounds so much like a great place to visit!

Christine M said...

Sounds like a great day shopping, Annie. I love Downton Abbey but we are still waiting for Series 4 to be shown here in Australia. They are advertising it saying "soon on 7". But how soon is soon? Two weeks, a month or more! Oh well, I'll just have to keep waiting. Can't wait to see your quilt.

JoAnne said...

I have been watching since the first season and really like the show. I also love the ladies on Call the Midwives, which will have its new season just after Downton's run. On Sunday afternoon, I'm going to a tea with Lady Fiona Carnarvon, the mistress of Highclere castle (the real Downton Abbey!) I have fabric to make a purse with the Dowager's collection and I also made 2 bags with some Edith fabric.

Cindie said...

I love Downton but was also late to it catching up on Netflix before the 2013 season. My local Bernina shop had the Downton Trunk Show in December and I succumbed to 4 of the fabrics (so far) - going to make some aprons.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love the show and just had to buy the fabrics! I have been holding on to them since I'm not sure what to make with them. But I love this quilt! Maybe it's my next project? Not that I need another, but who knows?!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I don't watch the show (watch very little TV), but have seen the fabrics. I agree, their groupings are not the best and I would pick 2/3 from each to play with - but my shelves are rather fabric full right now.

suemac said...

I did watch the first season but lost track after that. I like the quilt pattern and the fabrics. I bought a few at my LQS. I am sure your quilt will be beautiful.

DeAnna said...

I've seen that pattern and have been tempted to buy it. You've tempted me even more! Your fabric is going to be awesome. Not watched Downtown Abbey but I'm hearing it's all the rage. Maybe I can catch up on re-runs.

Cynthia said...

I followed your footsteps...started watching in Season 3 b/c all of my friends were raving about it, and I wondered what all the hoopla was about. Then I was so addicted I had to watch S1 and S2 online. I recently purchased the dvds (which also includes free streaming of those seasons), and can't wait til tomorrow's epi from S4. I'm a big fan.

Colleen said...

Another Downton fan here. And, of course, we can relate to the show. It is so close to our own lives (said completely with tongue in cheek).

Shanna said...

I am trying very hard not to buy the fabrics, though I simply adore a few from the whole collection. I watched the first few seasons but I have not seen anything from season four. I do love watching "call the wid-wife" very much though! have you caught that one yet?