Saturday, February 8, 2014

skaddie-whampus crochet edged baby blankets this isn't some fancy-schmancy, new-fangled way to crochet baby blankets...I hope upon reading this you aren't disappointed.  But, I was disappointed to find out that

... this is what happened ---->

to the lovingly crocheted blankets that I made for our new grandbaby girl. 
The one above, originally looked like this:
I made several of them and after washing and drying...they turned out all skaddy-whampus.
Sad UGHs...and FRUZ-strations!!!
I put on my thinking cap (it's quite small, you know!!) and nothing came to to
what could've happened.  After a week ( I told you the cap was small! lol), I think, I
might've figured it out. 
I bought the 36" square, double sided flannel, already overlocked-edged and punched
with the holes (hemstitiched) for crocheting at a local fabric shop (won't be buying
pre-hemstitched there again).  So, 2 things, in my mind, probably contributed greatly
to the issue...
(1) - the fabrics were NOT prewashed
(2) - and, this is probably the biggest problem...fabrics were NOT cut on the grain.
Well, live and learn.  But, my daughter says they are still GREAT for catching lots of spit.
Guess they are still useful for their intended purpose.  Good looks will have to come in
second... or not at all!!  LOL
Here's the new leetle girl, content and all bundled in one of PoPo's blankets....

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Do any of you do crochet edgings on flannel blankets?  If so, what is your methods? 
Do you hire out the hemstitching (hole punching)?  Or do you do on your home sewing



Una said...

I've never done this type of edging, but I did see an advert on Ebay once for sharp crochet hooks that would be perfect for edging material.

Valspierssews said...

I can totally sympathise with the uneven shrinking. Even with machine stitched seams this happens. It is very frustrating. It doesn't change their snuggle or spit on value as your daughter said. Sorry, no tips.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Returning the visit...and OMG what a very very cute little baby girl you have there!!!!!! I added myself as a GFC follower...nice to meet ya! Val from
PS not tips...but it's still well loved. :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

That is so frustrating! Baby doesn't seem to mind, though. =) She is precious!!

Josie McRazie said...

My Mother was mostly bed ridden for the last several Years of her life. She made MOUNDS of these. Always from regular flannel. She ripped her fabric to assure that it was on grain. She did NOT prewash. Because she used 100% crochet cotton. You are dealing with cotton and cotton. They are BOTH going to shrink! She used a nice pointy crochet needle to do the first row (true story my 4 year old daughter crawled into bed with Nana and got it impaled in her calf poor kid) I have MANY of them from Mom and have never had that problem. Good luck! It still looks beautiful! Oh and none of hers were the same!

Dorothy Matheson said...

I make three for each new baby. I am having two great grand babies this year a boy and a girl. The girl is first and her blankets are finished and the baby boy's are started. I buy a yard and a half and cut a square from that. Regular flannel. Trim off the salvages and fold over a slight hem. I single crochet over the edge by punching my own holes as I go. I do a scallop stitch for the second round. Single crochet then three double crochet into the next stitch of the first go around. Alternate the two stitches all the way around. Not to frilly for a boy. These make baby blankets that are nice till they are three or so. The little girls then use them for doll blankets if they are not too worn out.

sunny said...

I haven't made one of these, but I do have a plan for flannel and crochet blanket on my to-do list. My pattern calls for smaller squares, that are edged and crocheted together. I believe it's to be top-stitched around the edges before connecting the squares. I wonder if top-stitching would solve your problem?

sunny said...

P.S. What a BEAUTIFUL baby!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congrats on the new family member! I have never made one of these blankets, but as suggested - regular flannel that is 'torn' to be sure you have the true grain is important. But look at that snuggle - it is serving it's purpose just fine.

Pattilou said...

I remember making blankets for my children, and just sewing around them and then stitching around the edges with a topstitch and having the same problem. But, like yours they found their use and worked find.

Such a darling grandbaby! Congratulations.

Sue Daurio said...

Awww that little bundle of you all wrapped up in that blanket just melted my heart!!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I must admit I've never done crochet on the edge of baby blankets but with a baby that on will ever notice a wonky binding or edge. She is amazingly beautiful.


Mammaandme said...

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