Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Last Check-in for Sew30SewFUN May 2017, giveaway info

Well, did things go for the Month of May with regards to finding/creating more time in your life to work on projects?  =D

I actually feel pretty good about my progress in finding more time to work on my projects!  I didn't get as far as succeeding in my challenge for myself...of the 30 minutes EACH day for 6 days a week.  But, setting the challenge was VERY good for me because I found that I at least thought about it and made each week to at least TOTAL the time of 30 minutes times 6 and getting that total of 3 hours SOME how within the week.  THAT I did succeed in, I feel there was progress for me compared to time I gave to my projects in several months previous to May.  =D
My hope is that my challenge for myself encouraged others to find time that they hadn't previously committed to working on projects.  And, that the time found was enjoyable and confidence building =)


I will go back over the comments made on blog posts and instagram hashtags since the Challenge began that relate to Sew30SewFUN. And comments to this post will be open until Friday evening (midnight mountain time).  Each person's post (each time) will be listed and put into for the generated drawing.  The winner  of the $35 gift certificate will be posted by Sunday morning of this week. =D 

Should we try do the Challenge for June?  Was May's challenge helpful to you?  Let me know what you think? 
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