Monday, June 5, 2017

Winner of Sew30sewFUN May 2017 and June Challenge info

The winner of the $35 Gift Certificate is.....

MARY!!  ...from "Texas Hill Country"
 Thank you SOOOO very much to all those who participated, and left comments about their progress and projects!  All of you have encouraged me to hang in there with this challenge myself!
Sew30SewFUN June 2017
1) Try to sew just 30 minutes, 6 days a week
2) Please comment about your progress on those Blog Posts with the subject being... Sew30SewFUN
3)  There will be a gift certificate at the end of June.  The winner will be chosen from those who leave comments on Sew30SewFun blog posts. 
4)  This challenge can be different for different people in that a Winner for the Gift Certificate is NOT chosen only from those who actually succeed with sewing 30 minutes/6 days per week.  My thinking is that we can be successful even if we are doing better today than yesterday  =)
5)  There will be a minimum of $25 for the Gift Certificate. could get higher.  I will be putting $5 in the "Cyber Jar" each day that I do not sew the 30 minutes. 
6)  TODAY (June 5th) is the START date!  Ready?  Set?  Go...

Sew30SewFUN June 2017


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