Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sew30SewFunJune2017 Challenge Check-in


I apologize for not doing the check-in sooner.  But, my laptop was having KUHnipshunz with internet connections the last couple of days.  So, I couldn't log on to blogger in my usual way and upload pictures, etc.  I hope this didn't discourage you in your quest to get some sewing done for the challenge. 

How has your sewing time been going?  What projects have you been working on...maybe finishing?
Reading about your projects in very encouraging =)

My sewing has been going slowly.  =(.  But on Thursday at our local quilt group meeting I was able to get in an hour plus.  And, I did to a bit of sewing on Sunday.  My total for last week was approximately 2 hours.  I'm still *in-progress* with my Glam Clam quilt.  I've had some glitches.  I can get hung up on choosing colors when doing a scrap quilt.  And, I was having a hard time choosing extra borders.  Then, a glitch in the bottom "muffin" pieces for the last row.  Ugh...sigh...it can suck the momentum out of a smooth sailing with so many glitches.  But, I'm going to persevere.  =P
A great mug with some words of wisdom. 
Bought it a wonderful local yarn shop.

The challenge continues to help me get more sewing done, working towards finishing projects that otherwise would be sitting sadly in a container on a shelf.

Besides sewing I have been working on other crafty projects =D.  I regularly have to switch tracks with my craft genres (knitting, crochet, spinning fiber, weaving...) to keep my interests from getting too stale in one area.  I hope to share some of these projects in future blog posts. 

Do you have other handcrafts besides quilting?  If so, what?

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