Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sew She finished! ...with a friend's help =D

This is a quilt from "many moons ago"  =P.  I had the binding all sewn except about 12-18".  I just couldn't motivate myself (discipline isn't really woven into my DNA lol), to put it on to the machine and sew the ends together...and finish the back and front of the binding in that area. 


For several months, the quilt languished hanging over this or that table.  It was folded and put into the "to be finished" pile(s).  Then, it was dragged and unfolded to be dumped into a heap of things to make room for organizing a particular area in the sewing room.
One day a sweet friend came to visit with me and we sewed together in my sewing loft.  As we chatted, she noticed the quilt's sadness in it's heap on the side of a messy pile in a dark corner of the sewing room.  My friend asked if she might help me to get it finished.  I smiled and went to pick the quilt up and show her the area that still needed to be completed.  I really enjoyed making the quilt.  How did it get mixed up in such a messy pile on the wrong side of the room?  =(

I commented that I didn't know WHY I'd left this fun quilt for so long without completing the binding.  She said she'd gladly finish it for me as she happily put it into a big tote bag to take home with her.

Just a few days later when we met up again for some sort of quilty escapade, my friend brought the
SEW SHE SEWS quilt back to me ALL complete with finished binding!  (I DO love rounded corners on quilts =D )

(the back with a border strip in the middle)

And, so she (my good friend!) sewed the binding to finish my SEW SHE SEWS quilt =D
How VERY grateful I am for friends who are constantly and consistently so lovingly patient with my many personality deficits.  I'm so grateful that they are there to motivate me when my discipline and/or mojo are in the negative.  They help me get over my hurdles of frustration and are there to throw me life jacket when I'm stuck in the a "river" going no where because I didn't remember my paddles.  



Createology said...

What a lovely quilt out of my favorite She Who Sews fabrics. Your friend is Priceless!!! We all balance one another in the ways we know. Quilting Bliss...<3

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I could have used your friends help with the 10 project bags and the 8 placemats, that I had to put the binding on this week. I don't like sewing those ends together, either. I don't mind hand stitching the binding down on the back, thank goodness. I'll do that (placemats only, the others were all machine done) while I travel over the next 2 weeks. Gotta get my 30 minutes a day of stitching done ;)

Anonymous said...

She IS a good friend. I don't know if I'm ever THAT good a friend. I'll finish a whole quilt for ya, but I hate binding! LOL It looks great! Now, she's a part of your quilt, too.

Anonymous said...

There is something about not finishing while the project is hot that allows it to languish. Every time I have to put a project away unfinished, I find it extremely difficult to get it out again.

Sarah Craig said...

I can't imagine putting a project away at the binding stage, but since I learned how to machine bind, it's such a quick process that putting in that last half hour or so isn't a problem. So happy to see that this cute quilt is finished - you have a good friend!!!