Monday, May 15, 2017

Sew30SewFUN May 14th check-in and giveaway update =D


This last week some of my sewing escapades included learning to make a "Fat Quarter Pop-up".  Find out more about them HERE.  They come in 3 sizes and this is the small one.  They are really fun to make!  And, finding fun and unique fat quarters for your pop-ups is easy at your local quilt shop!!  =D


The second picture is a "Ruby Slippers" one made for me by my friend Muriel.  The "pop-ups" make great hanging baskets hanging from the table next to your sewing machine!  The clamps can be purchased through Amazon (here).

Next...was a quick hem around a rectangle of cotton canvas material for a new TV tray ironing board cover!

I purchased the fabric 50% off a JoAnn's and so the total price to cover the board was about
$3.00 =D.  I have to confess that the TV tray was already padded and covered with a muslin colored canvas that I purchased at the Sew Simply Stitched retreat back in March. (a SUPER FUN retreat...may I add! more info about the retreat on their website here).  But, I wanted to pretty it up a bit =)
The next think I worked on this week was my Glam Clams from Latifah Saafir!  You can find out more about her patterns, specifically the Glam Clam in 3 sizes.  Her patterns are some of the BEST patterns I've seen.  Heavy cardstock with great color instructions, they are easy to read and follow! And the acrylic rulers are GREAT too!!  Check out her website here.
Here's some photos of my progress on these fun Clammies!!

I ADORE scrappy quilts!!!  But, they don't seem to have the same feelings towards me!!  =P.  I have always struggled with choosing what little scrappy pieces goes where and next to "who".  I find that the RUBY BEHOLDER (no longer available, but HERE is something similar) is a great tool and helps me a quite a bit. But, it can still take me 20-30 minutes to arrange just a few pieces.  
 I struggle with rearranging... many...umpteen times!  Ugh...=(
Notes about my personal week's challenge: 
I didn't sew six days for 30 minutes per day.  I DID sew a total of minutes for the week that would add up to 30 minutes per day.  However, MY challenge for myself is to try to create a habit of sewing a minimum of 30 minutes per day.  So...I will still be putting $5 per day into the Cyber Jar for those day that I don't sew the 30 minute minimum. 
There will be a minimum of $20
 in the Giveaway at the end of the month!
But, I've put in $15 so far.  =P
So how did you all do with YOUR 30 minute sewing challenge this last week??  I'd love to hear how you did and what your worked on =).  Remember, to focus in on ANY and ALL matter how small! 




Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I stitched for more than the 30 minutes a day last week. I'm trying to 'sew ahead', for my trip, in case I don't get the 30 minutes a day then. I'll still have sewing to do on the trip (hand stuff that is due as soon as I get back home). I'm counting 'prep work' too, since I'll be headed up soon to mark more squares (I stitched the last marked squares last night). I'll also be doing stitching while watching DWTS tonight and NCIS' on Tuesday.

Jayne said...

I managed two hours again this week. I know this isn't much but let's think positively. I've now completed 4 hours since this challenge began. Sewing that I might not have done without your encouragement. I'm currently sewing some little bunnies to give to charity

kc said...

Love, love those birds!! I made my minimum of 30 minutes each day again!us yay team! I put a ruffle on a skirt for a friend, ashamed to say it took me 3 tries to get it right! Have also made 4 placemats for another friend, and a few luggage handle wraps for others. Also finished up and delivered 2 embroidered receiving blankets. Been a busy girl! :)

Anonymous said...

As you know from Instagram, I did all my days! And today's sewing time, too. Your projects are wonderful - I really like that pressing tray. I will have to think about this again. Congratulations on getting at least 4 days in!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on not doing random fast or well. I too have to think about what looks good/fits well where.

I had always thought that having something prepped and ready to sew would make me use small bits of time. And it might if there wasn't something else to do with the times. I actually sewed 0 minutes this week, but I did other things that I wanted to do more.

Mary said...

I don't have as much picture worthy progress to show as you, but I'm keeping up with the challenge, even exceeding expectations. Lots of bow tie blocks and anti-ouch pouches this week.

e said...

Hmmm, like you, I didn't do my sewing everyday, but I did get my time in for the week. Health and obligations outside my home/family are what keep me from spending more time with the machine. I can tell you that I am very happy on the days when I can sew and I'm loving what I'm getting done and personal goal accomplishments.

Love what you have been working on, especially your fabric choices. They make all the difference in any project :)

Thanks for hostessing this challenge. I've really enjoyed it.

Emma said...

I sewed like a madwoman last week leading up to the weekend to get a quilt ready for hand-stitching the binding down while on a road trip to visit family. I made it and got it almost done over the weekend (had to stop when I hit a place where I found I didn't catch the top in the seam on the binding). Yesterday I baaaaaarely got 30 minutes on it while a friend visited so gotta get my time in today!

Karen said...

I did sew everyday last week except on Friday. Each day I sewed at least 30 minutes and one day I sewed 2 hours. I had a quilt that needed quilted. I have three projects I am sewing on. I plan to have one finished this week and another one to the flimsy stage.

STH said...

I think I made 5 days out of 7 . . . I've been working on a wall quilt for a friend and a backpack for myself. Hoping to get both done this weekend.