Monday, May 16, 2011

Mystery Monday!'s 5 FAT quarter giveaway! plus...last MM's winner!

 Come on...YOU know you want to WIN*!

FIVE FAT QUARTERS in YOUR choice of fabric colors!!!
Yep, yep, yep...come and play...


It's a YO-YO mystery...
nope...not this kind of YoYo....

Not...Yo Yo Ma the great Cello Player

I'm thinking more like this....
this project posted on POPPY LANE blog

There's a tutorial for YO-YO dolls, animals at

Okee's are the Mystery Questions for today..

1) The lady in the YouTube video is a good friend of mine...
          what is her name?
2)  Name 2 items that she makes with the Yo-Yos
3)  Who makes the Yo-Yo maker?   My friend mentions it
in the video.  But, you can also find the answer HERE  a tute at Lazy Girl designs from ....2007

~~NOTE:  please, email your answers to  and
           put Mystery Monday in subject

Please, leave a comment...Have you made anything with Yo-Yos?
If so, what did you make?  Did you use a Yo-Yo maker?
Or don't even like these silly round fabric circles??

The drawing will be thru 
All those with correct answers (email to will go into the drawing.
Drawing will be Wednesday May 18th (9pm Mt time)

*winner...yep, should be a follower =)

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Let's the "happy" dance!!!
Last Monday's Mystery Monday winner is.....


you can visit her wonderful blog 


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Good Morning MS RUBIE! I really don't like yo-yo's and what little I have used them I have a dicken's of a time getting them to look right.

It is raining again and will all week - I tend to get in the mood of starting 100 things when trapped indoors. Really need to concentrate on finishing.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I have never made yo-yo's and for some reason have never had the desire to make any.

I hope you have a spectacular week!!

Angie in SoCal said...

I've used yo-yos for the middle of flowers and they came out great. Haven't made a quilt with them yet.

RitaMarie said...

I've used the yo yo makers and really like them. They are easy to use and make consistent size and shape yo-yos. Love the heart and flower shapes and have used them for embellishments. Can't imagine making enough for a quilt though.

Deborah in Atlanta said...

I haven't done anything with Yo-Yos yet. I've got a really cool wall hanging of a Christmas tree that is done with Yo-Yos, but for some reason, I just haven't taken the plunge into Yo-Yo land. Or Hexit land either.

Sallie said...

I don't remember every making a yo-yo.

Chris H said...

Yep I've made yo-yo's... for bags, for quilts and such like.

Kathy H said...

I have just started to make yoyos and use them as flowers on my applique pieces.

Linda E in NM said...

Haven't ever made a YoYo but it looks like fun!

Teresa F. said...

I love making yo-yos. I use them as embelisments in purses, I make flowers with them and even broches.I've never used a yo-yo maker, mine are hand-made.

Sis-O said...

Love yoyo's and have used the same yoyo maker as Maxine demonstrates.

Char said...

I like yo-yos. I've made pincushions a table topper and garland.

quiltma said...

I love making yo-yos.... I use them alot.
Mystery Answers
1. Maxine
2. Bows & sewing machine cover
3. Clover

Christine M said...

I've just sent you my email. I've made yo-yo's (the old fashioned way) and put them on wall hangings as flowers. I then embroider stems and leaves. Thanks for the fun giveaway.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I sent the email. Thanks for the giveaway. I have a yo-yo maker, but, I haven't ever used it yet. It is a heart. I have a great idea for using yo-yo's.