Saturday, February 2, 2013

On My Weigh 2.2.13

It's written that San Fen Chang was the one who started the original form of Tai Chi some time in the late 1200's or early 1300s.  But, "modern" Tai Chi, a form that many people are more familiar with, actually began about 400 years ago.
As it has been passed down thru different schools of instruction, the form gradually changed from what might be "fighting" movements, to one with almost no jumps and kicks.
 - that famously flowing series of stretches and poses - concluded that it is generally effective at controlling pain and improving physical function.  You can check out a youtube video with some good information here

In an article in Science Daily (click HERE for more info), doing Tai Chi had many of the same benefits as other more strenous exercise, even though it's movements are slow.  Studies have proven that it can greatly improve balance and stability in every day life.  It's also been shown to help with arthritis.  Other benefits include reduced stress, anxiety and depression.
Have you ever tried Tai Chi?  I haven't tried it.  But, after researching info, it looks pretty interesting.  I'm thinking it could be great exercise even if one doesn't have arthritis.  What do you think? 
Food Ideas - quick snacks
Combining healthy slow burning carbs with protien will be good "hold-overs"
until the "real" meal is available
Do you have some ideas for fruit/protein or other healthy "on-the-go" snacks?  If you are going to be out doing errands for several hours, what do you when you get hungry??
Ruby Report

Food - pretty good, no sugar stuff, but should eat more fruits and veggies. I plan to work on this for next week.

Exercise - I improved this week with number of miles per day. 5 days/2mi and only one day @ 1.77. I'm working also to get my incline up from 3.0.

Weight(loss?) - dwn 1lb :)

Don't let negative self-talk keep you down. One baby step forward is better than nothing :)

Let us know about *ANY* success you made this week to be healthier. We can give you loving encouragement :)


suemac said...

Your snacks look yummy. Any exercise that combines slow movements and helps balance sounds good to me.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I like my walking (strolling) and use my floor pedal machine for legs and arms. Cheese and crackers or cheese and fruit are a fav snack. Or fresh grapes or some berries.

Chatty Crone said...

Annie - I loved this blog - glad you got to your weight - and I loved those snack ideas. I wrote them down. Any more good snacks?

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Pretzels are good for me. Low cal, and they fill me up.

Valspierssews said...

I love the loving encouragement. I haven't been posting much about my weight lately but I am gradually losing again. For me it is all about eating less. I usually try to eat a late breakfast if we are going out for the morning and not eat til we get home at lunchtime. The other day we were out a bit long so we bought one plate of Chinese chicken and vegetables to share for a snack.
Another thing we do is make sure that what we are eating is the amount given for 1 serve so our meals are quite small. Glad to see you are still losing and exercising.

doodlebugmom said...

My acupuncturist taught me a Tai Chi exercise for my shoulder pain. I am learning to be a big believer in eastern medicine, so I bet the stretching and concentration of Tai Chi would be helpful too.

I like string cheese for a snack, they are individually wrapped and I can throw one in my purse. I learned from a RD to never eat carbs without protein.

QuilterMary said...

I love that puppy face! Not a good healthy day for me but overall a good week. There's always tomorrow

Paulette said...

I took a Tai Chi class several years ago and really enjoyed it, but unfortunately didn't keep up the practice on my own after that. I did enjoy the class and felt like it loosened things up. Like you, I walk at least 5 of 7 days on a treadmill or outside in good weather. It really helps. Good luck in your healthy endeavors!