Saturday, January 12, 2013

on my weigh and travel issues

Last year I was doing so good (imho)... until I started traveling.  Towards the end of summer, and thru the fall, I was out of town (AND out of my eating/exercise routine) at least one week a month and sometimes more.  So this year, I could decide NOT to travel until I got down to my goal weight.  Or, I could try to figure some ways to motivate myself to eat and exercise when I'm out of my comfort zone of regular routines.  
My First thought.... =P
Second thought...I need find something that really motivates/ really works to get me moving!
eeeee-YOW-ch!  I guess this *could* work?  but...
Better yet...I should get some music that will motivate me to move at a rate that will get my heart up.  I will create a list for my iPod that will take me through at least 1 hour of cardio.   I want to see if I can get a simple routine of movements to do, while listening to the motivating music.  This would be something that I could do in a hotel or other place where a gym or walking outside isn't going to work. I will be able to use earphones, if its more convenient.  I have several "out of towns" already scheduled starting this next weekend thru late spring of this year.  My goal is to get something worked up to try for this coming weekend.  I have a second option to try.  I am, also, going to look for a downloadable video or youtube video that I could follow for 30-40 minutes of cardio.  It could be Pilate's style or something kind of like "Dancing To The Oldies" with Richard Simmons (He does make me laugh...but, it IS good exercise and fun to do).
A "party" sounds motivational...right?

These are my two goals for next week - (1)get music approximately 1 hour for cardio  and some kind of routine to go with it. And, (2) look for a youtube or other visual that I can work out with on my iPhone or iPad. These two things to be used for travel (and at home too).   I would love to hear any of your ideas or suggestions!!
Food Ideas
A quick and easy winter lunch (or light dinner).  I take a can of "healthy" soup and add a large bag frozen veggies to it. 

Sometimes I add meat left over from a previous meal.  Or I will just cut small pieces of raw chicken breast or pork chop and stir it in the hot soup, cooking until meat is done.  This hearty veg soup is fairly low in calories and with lots of vegetables, it's quite healthy.  I've found that for just the two of us (husband and I), when we buy too many fresh vegetables on our trips to the market, they can go bad before we can eat them all.  So, I always keep on hand some good/healthy frozen vegetables of various kinds.  I do the same with fruits.  Fresh is always better.  But, it's handy to have the frozen (with no added salt, sugars, favoring, colorings or additives of any kind), around when fresh isn't readily available.
Ruby's Report
Food - I'm trying to eat more protein and only veg and fruits for my carbs.  But, this week I
           didn't do as well as I would like.
Exercise - I feel good about this week.  I've worked up to several days of 2 miles rather than
           all days at 1.5 (for 6 days).  Total miles this week is 11.11.  I will try to do equal or
           better total for next week.  But, I will be out of town for 3 days...I dunno =(
Weight(loss?) - down .4 (not great.  I need to try harder)




Mama Spark said...

I'm back on the wagon too. LMK if any of these things work really well for you!

Chatty Crone said...

I'm back on the wagon with you! But I have a lot more to go then you do! Good luck.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Winter weather and the flu has set me back - I love walking, but not in snow and ice. I eat very little meat - my taste, so get protein from beans/lentils. And I have craved fresh fruit since the beginning of the new year - so lots of fruit with a bit of cheese.

Anonymous said...

Some hotels and motels have exercise rooms, I've noticed. I use the choice hotels chain, and there are often ones with them. I love Progresso soups, but I don't buy the light versions. Lentil, French onion and hearty tomato are my favorites. Of course, I have to add peas to the tomato!

KatieQ said...

I started the Curves Complete plan on Monday and will go for a follow up weigh in on the 14th. Hopefully, there will be less of me.
.4 of a pound is a start.
Do you ever use resistance bands? We have been using them in the cardio/core class I take. There are a lot of online videos that show different moves you can do with them. They tone muscles, burn fat/calories and are easy to stick in a suitcase.

Granny Annie said...

I am in cardiac rehab three times a week and ride my exercise bike at home between times. Low carb diet is what I say that I am on but occasional cheating can ruin an entire weeks work. You have given some great suggestions here, especially about the frozen vegetables. I needed someone to tell me that would be okay cause I am tired of throwing out ruined produce.

Christine M said...

A little loss is better than none (or a gain)! Stay positive and I'm sure you'll get to your goal.

Barbara said...

I so hear ya'. I'm in the same boat...trying to get motivated and stay motivated. I'm always putting it off until next week...

Pokey said...

Keep on the bright side, Annie! You have great idea here, and it is hard to share these goals out loud, I'm cheering for you ~

LimeRiot said...

I completely gave up on healthy eating over the holidays. I ate whatever I wanted and however much of it I wanted! It was fun but it really didn't make me feel very good. I'm back on the wagon now too and enjoying my healthier habits already!

I used to travel for work a fair amount and I'd always bring along pilates DVDs. I could put them into my laptop and do them on the hotel floor :). I liked that because it didn't require that I pack a bulky pair of running shoes!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Annie, you are the only person I know who is so "real" about her eating and exercise. I so admire you for that.

When I was healthy and eating motto was, "Just Do It." I carried hand weights in my car and when I drove, I lifted weights, I did squats while I dried my hair, I used the stairs and did all sorts of interesting things to keep myself moving. One thing I know for certain, If you WANT TO MOVE, you will and no travel will stop you from that.

I liked your idea of adding veggies to soup. I love Progresso's Tomato Basil soup and I never thought of adding veggies to it...great advise!


QuilterMary said...

Walked on my treadmill yesterday, AFTER clearing it off of all the junk that was piled on top. I plan to do it again today - walk, that is , not pile up junk?