Monday, May 22, 2017

Sew30SewFUN May2017 check-in (5/15-5/21) and give away update

 Okay...sooooo, hmmm...last week for me wasn't fulfilling my challenge to myself of 30 minutes EACH day/6days.  HOWEVER... =D, I DID sew for 3 hours for the week total.  The sewing was mainly on the weekend.  Being true to my commitment to the "cyber jar" (giveaway monies),  the jar now contains $35!!! 
yeth...I know... the numbers are skatty-whampus.
I'm still learning to edit photos =( 

Some Sew30 escapades:
I sat down to my favorite sewing seat.  It's a small student/office chair purchased at Target.  I love the bright turquoise color.  I dunno, it's just a cheery color! I have tried many seat options to help with my back hurting after sitting in the chair for sewing over several hours.  I do get up to cut and to iron.  And, I've tried back supports, heating pads, larger/super-padded seats with larger backs.  I've tried heating pads and pillows.  I've tried the rubber-y blow-up seating pad.  Nothing I've tried over the years has helped more than this seat pad. It has a special shape of cushy memory foam.  If I place it this direction and a bit forward on the chair, I can sit in a way that keeps my back from arching or adding any pressure to my spinal cord.  I LOVE it!!
Then I turned on some fun, favorite songs...and, off I went into my sewing happy place =)


More GLAM Clams coming along!
This may seem a waste of time to some.  But, I really do love to use pins to keep things from sliding all around.  I find that pins (maybe many in a small space) help me to be more accurate than I otherwise would be.  I don't like to sew with urgency or in a hurry to finish.  So, putting (and taking out) pins is worth the time for me.  =)
I cut some more pieces of my Buggy Barn "Reelin".  This is the snail's trail part that will go between the stars. 
(image is from back of the book Positively Crazy )
That's my sewing for this past week. 
Below are some pictures of a quilt I made a year or so ago and was kept nice to give away to someone special that might enjoy it.  With bittersweet feelings, I boxed up this quilt and...
sent it off to a very special lady.  I'm so grateful that I had a quilt with her favorite color in it
...PINK!  =).  I'm so happy that I can give something from my heart.  But, I am also VERY sad and my heart is VERY heavy because...

this sweet lady is suffering from the later stages of cancer.  =(  =(  =(

I hope it arrives safely in it's flat rate priority box.  I hope that it brings her some comfort, that this quilt will bring a smile to her face =).
Are you are having some progress in your own personal challenge to add 30 minutes of daily sewing to your life? =)   Maybe you are getting projects completed that you didn't think you would finish before the challenge?  Or maybe you are just getting in a little bit more sewing in your week?  Your sewing escapades encourage and motivate me!  =D

 Isn't it soooo awesome that quilts CAN give hugs?!  And, that each time a person uses it, they get yet another hug...  =D




Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

A friends father was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, and I don't have a quilt ready for his chemo sessions (and am out of town now, so, only hand projects on the trip). I've done really well with this challenge so far. We'll see how I do while traveling. I sewed enough, earlier this month, to get me thru.

Sarah Craig said...

Up until the last few days, I've been sewing for at least 30 minutes a day - but getting the prizes for H2H organized has seriously cut into my sewing time! I'll try to reward myself for the next few days with a short sewing session to help get through the hard work ahead as H2H winds down....

Anonymous said...

1. I could sew in the same room with you and your music. All of it. =) 2. That quilt is wonderful and I know it will bring a smile and a feeling of being loved to the recipient. 3. I am falling hard for your stars and snail's trail quilt! 4. I have sewed, or progressed on a quilt project six days a week so far! Several days, if it weren't for the challenge, I probably would not have pushed myself to do any, just said, "I'm too tired," so you did get me to progress more!

Granny Annie said...

Annie, I was privileged to win one of your random drawings but I lost the link. Will you please spin again and offer it to another commenter? Your other followers deserve a prize more.

Karen said...

Last week I didn't sew on Sunday but I did great the rest of the week. I sewed every day at least one hour and some days two hours. I finished a prayer quilt and got a graduation quilt to a flimsy. I had a great week. If you want to see my progress go to

Mary said...

I'm still meeting or exceeding 30 minutes a day and it feels great! I was in an all day workshop Thursday so there is a new project in the mix too!

Unknown said...

Loving to sew sew much! Except today was rip rip rip. Tomorrow, tho, I will make more progress on my Winter Solstice quilt block and sections. Can't wait for it to finish ;-)